Bioworld Organics has been dedicated to providing her worldwide clients with the highest quality organic ingredients that benefit people's health & well-being, promoting a sustainable, healthy and joyful way of life. We specialize in organic herbs & spices, botanical extracts, essential oils, bee products and nutritional supplements, our products are widely used in the fields of pharmaceuticals, foods, beverages, cosmetics and healthcare products all around the world.

To provide her costumers the highest quality products and services, Bioworld Organics has established the biggest NOP/EEC organic certified schisandra berry plantation in northeastern China, which enable us to become the first and the biggest high quality organic schisandra berries supplier, meanwhile, we also developed another 6 raw material plantations under GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) and Organic guidelines by contracted cultivation. We value and respect nature, lives and our farm lands, pursuing sustainable development.

Bioworld Organics cherishes every customer with integrity and sincerity, seeking for win-win business and long-term co-operation, we will be very delighted to work with more friends all over the world.

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